Government and Public Sector Project Management

Through the use of comprehensive project management documentation and report procedures, together with a personal and professional approach, government and public sector clients can expect to stay fully informed of their projects progress, ensuring the best outcome in relation to time, quality and cost.

Ministry of Education

Our project management team is experienced in working with the Ministry of Education and educational institutions throughout the country to plan and deliver education property-related projects.

Our team members have undergone Ministry training on condition assessments and preparation of 10 Year Property Plans (10YPP), and are experienced in the project management of new multi-use buildings for schools via the Ministry’s ‘roll-growth’ programme.

Our project managers are fully conversant with historical and current Ministry design requirements, including Designing Quality Learning Spaces (DQLS) standards and the underlying principles of the Modern Learning Environment (MLE), which enables us to plan and monitor the design phase of school property projects on a professionally informed basis.

Project management team members are also experienced in dealing with one-off projects such as coordinating emergency health & safety inspections and reports; investigating property-related incidents to establish the background to events; and providing a review of evidence and comprehensive reports as a basis for further action by the Ministry.

Our team is proficient in the use of current Ministry documentation, including mandatory project management forms, and is well prepared to accommodate the future replacement of the Ministry’s current Property Management Information System (PMIS) with the new information management system called ‘Helios’.

Ministry of Health

Following extensive work on the design and project management of a new hospital wing for a large private retirement home and hospital, the Prendos project management team has demonstrated our awareness of the central issues and specialist requirements relevant to providing new and refurbished property to the medical and life care sector.

As an approved panel member for a District Health Board (DHB), we are able to extend our professional services in project managing developments that deliver support and care services required in the health sector.

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