Cost planning and management

Cost clarity, guidance and certainty throughout each phase of your project.

Ever had a contractor provide a quote or an estimate, only for a project to blow out thanks to runaway costs and unexpected delays? 

Unfortunately, this scenario plays out a lot in the construction game. When it does, it's often unclear who should pick up the additional costs, which in turn leads to stressful negotiations and possible litigation. That's why it pays to have us on your side.

At the very early stage of a project we'll provide order of magnitude estimates and help you with feasibility cost appraisals. We'll also prepare preliminary and developed design cost estimates, assist with procurement strategy and pre-tender estimates. Then during the construction phase, we'll assist with the tender review and appointment of the contractor, administer the contract value payment claims and variations, prepare cost reports, and agree the final account with the contractor.

What you can expect from our cost planning and management service

  • Representation from inception to completion
  • Value engineering to find economical ways to construct
  • Working closely with the team to establish how much the works will cost
  • Review of programme, procurement options and buildability issues
  • Establishment of cost management systems to ensure financial control
  • Assist with reporting to funders, if required
  • Regular cost reporting on cash flow, cost changes, variations and anticipated final account
  • Assistance with the control of the final construction cost
  • If required assist with contractual disagreements
  • Final account management and agreement

Recent cost planning and management consulting

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Upper North Island

Asela Premaratne
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