Expert witness

Support for dispute resolution and legal processes in and out of the court system.

Got a dispute over commercial or residential property? We’ll review your case, investigate what went wrong, produce the evidence and give our opinion.

Our specialists often perform the role of expert witness, supporting dispute resolution and legal processes both in and out of the court system. We have a thorough knowledge and experience in the preparation and presentation of independent expert evidence for clients who anticipate legal action (either as a plaintiff or defendant) in the District Court and High Court.
We’ll work with your lawyer from the outset to make sure clear instructions are received. We gather as much case history information as possible which ensures we consider the factual information available when preparing claim settlement figures.

The best outcomes occur when we work closely as team. Clear communication between us, your legal and technical advisors improves your chances of a positive outcome. The team can guide you towards a fair settlement, but you may have to concede on some items claimed to achieve a successful outcome.

Our expert witness team includes:

What you can expect from our expert witness service

  • Help on contract, insurance, lease and negligence liability claims
  • Expert advice on quantum and construction cost
  • Forensic review of contracts and legal agreements such as development agreements
  • Preparation of joint expert reports and briefs of evidence
  • Meetings with your legal advisors to advise on options for claim settlement
  • Meetings with other parties’ cost consultants to discuss points of difference
  • Act as expert witness in settlement negotiations under high court rules
  • Prepare settlement negotiation figures for your legal team

Recent expert witness consulting

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Asela Premaratne - Registered Quantity Surveyor

Upper North Island

Asela Premaratne
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Linda Lodetti - Registered & Chartered Quantity Surveyor for Rotorua and Tauranga

Central North Island

Linda Lodetti
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Rory Crosbie - Chartered Building Surveyor and Director

South Island

Rory Crosbie
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