Contract administration

Peace of mind from knowing that everyone will stick to the terms and commitments agreed in contracts.

Want to make sure contractors get paid on time, and reduce the chances of contract disputes? Sounds like you need a professional quantity surveyor on your side. 

As your contract administrator, we’ll give you advice on the most suitable procurement approach and contract form for the proposed works, and then help you draft the required conditions within the contract.

During the tendering stage, we’ll advise you on the level of documentation you need to attach to the contract. And at tender negotiations, we’ll make sure all parties to the contract are aware of their obligations under the contract. This is when we’ll also outline the implications of failing to adhere to the correct administration of the contract.

Our tender reporting provides value by ensuring you understand why the contractor selected is the most suitable contractor for the works. Our team has acted as the contract administrator on many complex projects involving payment recommendation and certification, variation review, negotiation and agreement, extension of time claim reviews and assessment and final account negotiation. 

What you can expect from our contract administration service

  • Quality advice as the engineer to contract
  • Management of project costs
  • Assurance that contractors will get paid on time
  • Reduced likelihood of contract disputes
  • Successful project outcomes due to allocation of sufficient resources
  • An environment where all parties can focus on getting on with the works
  • Peace of mind that all parties will adhere to the contract terms
  • Help with contract disputes
  • Extension of time claim analysis

Recent contract administration consulting

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