Prendos provides a variety of services to the education property sector, principally in the areas of project management, building diagnosis, remediation and redesign.

Our expertise and experience in this specialist sector is backed by our involvement over many years with the Ministry of Education’s Building Improvements Programme and a track record of 1500 special cost evaluations, more than 700 building investigations and extensive involvement in more than 400 remediation projects on schools nationwide.

Our specialist services to the sector include:

Prendos was instrumental in preparing the Ministry of Education’s Weathertightness Design Guide, now used nation-wide, and we are thoroughly familiar with Ministry protocols and guidelines.

Our building surveyors are proficient and accomplished in the investigation, identification and measurement of building-related problems that typically occur in school buildings.

Our architectural team, backed by in-house engineers, is expert in preparing new designs to create and ensure affordable, durable, functional and low-maintenance school buildings. They also have a thorough working understanding of the Modern Learning Environment (MLE) design principles and are actively involved in re-purposing existing buildings to suit modern learning needs.

Our quantity surveying team provides a wide range of services including cost estimates, project and contract monitoring and final account settlement

Our project management team has a strong track record of project delivery, providing essential budgeting, contract administration, quality control, cost control, construction program services and advice.

Our extensive experience in school environments where health and safety is a critical factor ensures that ongoing access to the construction site by contractors does not compromise the safe use of the school for students and staff.