Mevuni Weerackody Architectural Graduate

Architectural Graduate
BSc (Hons)
09 970 2620

A very visual person, Mevuni is driven by all things creative and appreciates the finer details of how something beautiful is constructed. She is passionate about sustainable architecture, and strives to find a balance between client requirements and responsibility to the environment.

Mevuni has worked as a Junior Architect and intern at top architectural firms in Sri Lanka and Malaysia, and was responsible for the design of the new Empire Cinema in Sri Lanka’s Arcade Independence Square. A people person, she loves working with others to bring designs to life. Her passion for learning new skills and discovering fresh ways of doing things means she’s always looking for a new challenge.

With a BSc (Hons) in Architecture from Taylors University in Malaysia and a Diploma in Construction Project Management from Unitec in Auckland, Mevuni is armed with the skills, knowledge and drive to take on any architectural project.

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