Long Term Maintenance Plans (LTMP)

Long term maintenance plans play a crucial role in managing the wellbeing of your building. Our building surveyors are experts in assessing a building’s condition and helping it hold its value.

After the Unit Titles Act was introduced back in 2010, it became mandatory for every unit title development in New Zealand to have a written Long Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP). The aim is to ensure unit owners, Body Corporates and prospective buyers are all aware of the condition of any common areas, their maintenance requirements over the next 10 years, and the estimated cost to maintain them.

Your body corporate LTMP must be renewed at least every three years, and with each renewal the plan must cover a period of at least 10 years.

What’s included in a Long Term Maintenance Plan?

The contents of a LTMP should cover each building element that would typically be subject to maintenance during the building’s life. This includes:

  • Common property (e.g. common landings/lobbies, entrance foyers, grounds, pools).
  • Building elements (e.g. roof, cladding, joinery).
  • Infrastructure (e.g. plumbing, electrical, ventilation, emergency equipment, security etc.).

To create a LTMP, our experienced building surveyors will record each of these building elements on site and assess them for typical life cycle, based on their current condition/maintenance regime and other on-site data such as exposure, location or material used. This information is added to an inventory, which then forms the basis for calculating the LTMP.

NB: Body corporates can officially opt out of maintaining any particular item, however these items need to be identified in the plan. LTMPs don’t include  items that require more regular maintenance (ie window wash etc).

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