Long term maintenance plans – NZ

Detailed building condition assessments to understand the condition of your commercial property assets.

How do you plan investment in your commercial property?

Numerous factors apply to realising maximum potential and return from property assets. Return will vary, but understanding the condition at each stage of the property life cycle allows you to plan investment.

Our building condition reports provide you with an understanding of the general construction details of your property and its condition, including the presence of defects.

We use our technical building pathology and performance knowledge to make suitable recommendations on repair, replacement, demolition, or monitoring of building elements if funds dictate an inability to invest.

Building pathology

We know what it takes to repair buildings, so we’re in a strong position to outline the potential risks associated with the cause and effect of defects and prioritise the timing of repairs or replacements.

We understand the:

  • legal and technical requirements of asset ownership 
  • typical life cycle of each building element 
  • specific location and use factors that may influence the building element’s performance over a given period.

In capturing both the present-day condition of the property and the ongoing maintenance requirements over the reporting period, we review:

  • asset plans
  • test certificates and warranties of specified systems
  • specialist reports (asbestos and the like)
  • existing plans
  • health and safety plans
  • fire engineering reports.

What you can expect from us

By choosing Prendos, you’ll be working with professionals with both technical skills and commercial market awareness to deliver success. We will:

  • understand the needs of your organisation as well as the commercial environment you trade-in 
  • provide relevant advice tailored to your individual needs
  • offer independent expert advice for all building types and market sectors anywhere in New Zealand 
  • assist you with the appointment of third-party consultants – typically, we use mechanical, electrical and vertical services, structural, cost and fire engineering consultants
  • and if you’re acquiring, developing, refurbishing, occupying or disposing of commercial property – help you understand its condition so that you can make informed decisions.

Recent cost planning and management consulting

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