Defect Analysis

Forensic investigation into the properties of defects, followed by repair proposals and remediation.

Prendos has provided expert diagnostic investigations to discover the nature and cause of building defects and failures for over 25 years. The evidence we uncover can be used to draw conclusions and recommendations for appropriate remedial action and support legal claims.
In the early 1990s, Prendos was the first property consultancy to alert the building industry and the general public to the destructive nature of leaky buildings. Since then, we’ve developed considerable investigative and remedial expertise – helping thousands of homeowners, body corporates and commercial property owners to achieve successful remediation and redress.
We investigate and provide solutions to all kinds of building defects across all building types, caused by everything from water ingress to materials failures and poor construction techniques.
We’ll work with you to identify actual and potential building defects, and create robust strategies for addressing them.
Our knowledge of defective building claims ensures a pragmatic approach to gathering evidence and reporting on the cause, damage, extent of required repairs and cost to implement proposed solutions.

Why do building defects occur?

Building defects occur when elements or systems fail to function and perform. In our experience, this can be as a result of poorly designed details, poor construction, deferred maintenance, and failure to take into consideration environmental conditions such as high wind zones and coastal area conditions.

Our approach

Understanding the extent and cause of defects can take time to establish. We use our expertise to work with you and your legal advisors to establish a suitable investigation strategy.

An initial investigation typically provides a good early indication of the seriousness of the potential defects. From there, we can work with you to develop a suitable analysis process. Where required, we’ll retain other experts to help us get to the true cause of defects. 

A well-planned seamless approach ensures an efficient and cost-effective investigation.

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