Sample testing

Invasive investigation and collection of samples for laboratory testing to determine material failure.

Typical types of invasive investigation and sampling

When completing invasive investigations of defective buildings, we inspect damaged materials and gather samples of affected materials.

Sample testing allows us to understand the defects and extent of resultant damage and recommend appropriate repair solutions. It also provides us with vital evidence to support a legal claim.

Completing an initial investigation guides our surveyors towards any potential significant defects requiring detailed invasive investigations. Invasive investigations of external claddings can require us to:

  • cut holes, for example, in lightweight cladding systems
  • use borescopes to determine wall tie presence, quantity and condition of brick veneer, or
  • work with structural engineers to scan for reinforcement and remove concrete core samples in masonry walls.

As part of our leaky building investigation work, we:

  • take timber samples to determine the extent of framing decay
  • complete mould sampling and air testing to determine air quality, and
  • employ other specialist consultants to take samples of asbestos, lead paint and other harmful materials.

Why is sampling necessary? 

Knowing what's wrong with a defective building material allows us to understand its true condition and material type, which informs the repairs or replacements required to ensure any building continues to perform.

We will refer to the expert laboratory's sample test result, where we're required to provide expert evidence. These expert reports supplement our investigation reporting, which usually is in the form of:

  • comprehensive, detailed investigation reports
  • supporting photos of the areas investigated
  • relevant technical literature
  • historical records from councils, and
  • other documents such as drawings and specifications.

Safe and sanitary

If you're concerned that your defective property is unsafe, we can quickly confirm if any urgent action is required through investigation and sampling.

Air testing investigation and reporting will promptly confirm whether indoor air quality is fit for occupation.

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