Body Corporate Project Management

The Prendos project management team has significant and extensive experience in providing specialist property services to Body Corporate clients.

Our portfolio of projects ranges in value from less than $3m to over $13m and we are especially comfortable dealing with medium- to larger-size contracts, helping Body Corporate clients to:

  • Deal with the practical and legal requirements applying to Body Corporate property projects
  • Assist administrators to plan and administer remediation, refurbishment and new-build projects

Our varied individual professional skills and cumulative experience as ‘Engineers to the Contract’, means our project management team members are well placed to act as lead consultants and deliver one-off projects within specified constraints and budget requirements.

Our in-house administrative procedures and comprehensive project reporting, together with our personal and professional approach, are designed to keep Body Corporate administrators and individual unit owners fully informed of progress and to ensure the best outcome in relation to time, quality and cost.

Prendos services for Body Corporates include:

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