Michael Crilly - Engineering Technician + Building Surveyor

Engineering Technician + Building Surveyor
NZDE (Civil)
03 940 7391
022 124 6702

Michael is a engineering technician and building surveyor based in Christchurch.

When posed the question ‘what drew you to your chosen profession?’, the common answer for engineers is that it was their love of buildings and construction methods. While this is of course true for Michael, he is also driven by the fact that in some way he is helping people who have been affected by the Canterbury and Kaikoura Earthquakes.

Michael started working as a trainee structural engineer and draughtsman straight out of school, before side stepping into architectural technology and computer aided design. He then began a career in information technology and computing, focusing on television and film editing, only to come full circle by picking up his studies again in structural engineering.

Known for his dedication, precision and enthusiasm, Michael is an integral member of the structural engineering team. He assists senior structural engineers with the structural damage assessments of buildings, floor level surveys, drafting of structural plans and construction monitoring.

Name: Michael Crilly Street Address: 6/35 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside PO Box: PO Box 8049 City: Chirstchurch State: Canterbury Country: New Zealand Postal Code: 8053 Phone Number: +64 3 940 7391 Business Email: michael.c@prendos.co.nz job Title: Engineering Technician + Building Surveyor Business: Prendos New Zealand Limited Image: https://prendos.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Michael-Crilly.jpg LinkedIn Url: LinkedIn