Pre/post-development monitoring

Condition assessments of elements in close proximity to work sites as part of a risk mitigation strategy.

Our building surveying team provides pre-development surveys which document the existing condition of a property, adjacent structures and the surrounding area prior to development.

Pre-development surveys provide a factual record that can benefit all parties involved in a construction project. Our team specialise in pre-development condition surveys, which can be carried out before the start of a project, to document the existing condition.

A full photographic schedule is prepared to record the condition of the area surrounding the site. This document can then be referred to throughout a project to determine changes that have taken place over the project duration.

Early identification of defects allows appropriate monitoring levels of those issues to be established as part of the project execution. Following project completion, our team can then refer to the pre-development condition survey to inspect the development and document any changes that have occurred during the development phase.

Photographic condition surveys

By carrying out photographic condition surveys before works commence, we provide clients with a factual record of the pre-existing condition of elements identified for inspection. The captured survey information can highlight at-risk structures that may require specific monitoring during the works. The survey data can also be used should a dispute arise about a change in condition, either during or on completion of the works.

Insurers are well aware of the risks contractors can be exposed to when completing large complex construction and infrastructure projects. Contractors also understand that contract terms usually stipulate the need for pre-development surveying of surrounding buildings/elements to mitigate the risk of disputes both during and on completion of works.

Each inspection requires a tailored approach. Our surveyors work closely with the contractor's estimators during the project bidding stage to align our survey brief to their client's and insurer's requirements. We can prepare detailed pre-development fee estimates, incorporating all properties and features that require inspection. We can also act as liaison between property owners and our clients.

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