Insurance investigation

We collect evidence of material damage so that the true value of the insured loss can be determined.

Working with the insured, loss adjustors and insurance companies, we’ve developed a wealth of knowledge through our insurance investigation work, be it in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquakes or Edgecumbe floods.

How do we record damage?

This depends as insured events are all different. Preparation of our detailed photographic material damage schedules provides a record of the damage at a point in time after an insured event.

In the case of recent earthquakes, multiple insured events occurred on some of our client’s properties, each time creating further damage and new claims. Our records of damage provide you with the evidence needed to support reinstatement or cash settlement of claims.

Why a detailed record of damage is vital

Poor records of damage often lead to incomplete reinstatement proposals and settlement claims that do not fully cover the true value of the repairs required to address the actual damage.

Missed information at the damage recording stage can result in inappropriate repair methodologies for the damaged components.
Prendos understand that existing buildings can sometimes be complex – they require multi-disciplined teams to work together to piece together the damage.

 Depending on what is driving the claim – structural, asbestos, failure of claddings, smoke or water damage – we can assist you by providing the right expertise for each individual claim.

What happens in the event of a disputed claim?

We have extensive expertise in working with legal advisors and the many experts required to reach satisfactory claim settlements through the courts, tribunals and mediations.

Can we help with the reinstatement?

Yes, we are often retained to develop reinstatement proposals and project manage the repairs required to make good the damage. Often our clients see the repair of extensive damage to their property as an opportunity to introduce betterment works that enhance asset value.

We work closely with loss adjustors and the insured to manage the delineation between the insured loss and betterment costs.

Recent cost planning and management consulting

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