Earthquake Damaged Buildings

The full extent of damage to the built environment across Canterbury and in Christchurch as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes is still unknown.

Residential, commercial, public and historic property owners continue to seek professional assistance with complex tasks involving damage assessment, insurance claims, quantifying the costs of rebuilding, preparing scopes of work, administering construction contracts and resolving disputes.

Prendos is well-placed to provide help to property owners through its services in quantity surveying, building surveying, structural engineering, fire engineering, project management, architectural design and dispute resolution.

Insurance Settlement Proposals and Disputes

Our Christchurch quantity surveyors, building surveyors and engineers work with property owners, insurance companies and insurance agents to provide independent insurance evaluations and professional advice on wide-ranging insurance settlement proposals. Generally, the procedure is as follows:

  • Review case history information.
  • Review the insurance policy wording to establish the entitlements under the policy.
  • Carry out a detailed inspection of the property to assess damage to the structure and the building fabric.
  • Make recommendations, which may include further investigation such as geotech, land leveling, local authority documentation on flood levels and the invasive investigation of building envelopes to determine the true extent of damage.
  • Determine a strategy for repair or rebuild.
  • Establish the true value of the work to be undertaken.

NOTE: Where disagreement on the outcome of an insurance settlement proposal arises, proposals may be developed into briefs of evidence, with our consultants acting as experts in the ensuing legal claims process.

The Rebuild

Our multi-disciplined team of architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, structural engineers, fire engineers and project managers have extensive experience in the fields of building remediation and new construction, enabling us provide property owners, tenants, developers and institutions with a one-stop, design and project management service for the delivery of building repair and rebuild projects as well as the design and administration of new construction projects.

We also provide design audit and supervision services to clients considering a rebuild.

We’ve signed up to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter – read more information here.

Pre-existing Weathertightness Advice

Prendos offers an unparalleled level of experience and expertise in the field of building weathertightness and leaky building remediation. Our registered building surveyors can:

  • Complete an initial non-invasive investigation to identify weathertightness risk features and provide an indication of the probability of pre-existing damage.
  • Complete an invasive investigation to determine if damage exists and, if so, determine the likely cause of damage, its extent and the time period over which it has occurred.
  • Provide recommendations on the scope of repair and calculations on the anticipated cost of repairs.

Other Specialist Property Services

Additional Prendos services to the property and construction sectors include seismic assessments and earthquake strengthening of existing buildings. We also provide professional advice to clients looking to acquire, dispose of, occupy or develop body corporate, commercial, education, government and public sector, historic, medical and life care, and residential property.

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