Giving residents a clear plan for the future

October 8, 2020
Wellington Heritage Building

The brief

Listed with Heritage New Zealand, the building on Wellington’s waterfront showed understandable signs of wear and tear, particularly on the roof.  Reactive repairs had been made in the past. What the body corporate really needed was a clear and proactive plan to prevent small issues from becoming much bigger ones in the years ahead.


The solution

Our review of the building and building elements revealed that although the building’s façade had been well maintained, the current roof condition and configuration was problematic.

After discussions with the body corporate, it was agreed that the LTMP would allow for not only the estimated cost of replacement of the failed roof coverings, but also the simplification of the roof and replacement with a more durable material.


The outcome

The decision to produce a LTMP was greatly welcomed by the body corporate, as it assisted with their future project planning. On top of this, the move to simplify the roof using a more durable material helped further extend its life.


Client: Body corporate 
Location: Wellington
Services: Building surveying – long term maintenance plan