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Whether your building is a workplace, a home or a learning environment, it needs to be fit for purpose and deliver on its requirements.

As one of New Zealand's most trusted property consultancy companies, with an experienced team of in-house Chartered Building Surveyors and Registered Building Surveyors, Prendos has the experience and capability to make sure your property performs over the long term. 

By working with you to understand your property needs, we offer independent, expert advice and technical expertise across all aspects of your building. Our goal is to find cost effective, practical solutions that stand the test of time and deliver the best possible outcome. 

We're involved in all aspects of property and construction, from supervising large remediation projects to identifying and forensically analysing building defects. We have a reputation in the industry for providing impartial advice, and are adept at writing succinct and understandable technical reports - often performing the role of Expert Witness for dispute resolution, insurance or legal cases.

How our Building Surveyors can help

We perform a variety of essential roles related to design, construction, modification and care of buildings. This can include weathertightness investigations, providing advice on contracts and health and safety, managing and supervising maintenance and repairs of existing buildings and new build works. Many of our surveyors work on defective building claims and prepare briefs of evidence to assist the legal process.


Buildings, together with their contents, make up a complex assembly of materials and components and need to function to an acceptable standard to protect their users and their owners' investment.

Over time, a building’s condition can be influenced by changes in use and function or damage during sudden events. Our surveyors are trained to consider all possibilities before embarking on building investigation and surveying work, and can help by diagnosing a buildings condition, its defects and any resultant damage.

We understand what's required to maintain a building over its life and can investigate maintenance needs and demands. We also understand building code requirements and can investigate shortfalls and advise on compliance with the building act.

Prendos has provided building surveying services to owners of both standalone homes and low- and high-rise multi-unit developments for thirty years. Evidence uncovered during diagnostic investigations is used to provide clients with advice and recommendations on appropriate remedial action.


Over the life of a property, action is required to address regular planned maintenance, deal with building defects, complete damage assessments following an insurance event and manage the transition process during a sale or lease. More recently, issues such as the controlled management of asbestos and the affects of ‘P’ require active management by trained experts.

We can design and manage each remediation project from start to finish, providing continuous and direct communication with the client, contractor and Council. We have the ability to draw on other Prendos services, such as architecture, structural engineering, quantity surveying and project management, to get things remedied in-house - which can be a huge time, effort and cost saving to our clients.

• Expert Witness
• Technical Due Diligence
• Client Representation
• Contract Administration
• Engineer to Contract
• Feasibility Works
• Recladding/Rebuilds
• Remedial/Upgrade works
• Repairs Scoping/Budgets
• Long Term Maintenance Plans
• Condition Surveys
• Measured Surveys
• Weathertightness Assessment
• Access Audits
• Building Pathology Reports
• Quality Assurance

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