If you have a general enquiry or would like us to contact you to arrange a valuation, please use our contact form or call us on +64 9 970 7070. Alternatively, please use this form to request a valuation of a property. To find out more about our valuation services click here.

What is my property worth?

Where is the location, what type of property do you own, is it a Unit, house, life-style block for example and what is the general condition of your home?

If you can provide the answer to some of these questions, the Valuer will be able to give you a preliminary idea.

What is the market doing?

Where and in which suburb?

If you can provide this information, a general overview can be given by the Valuer.

What can I do to improve the value of my home?

Good presentation is the key, keeping the property clean and tidy without over-capitalising.

What do I need to do to my home to be ready to sell?

If you were holding an open home today – would you proud to show your house in its current condition? If the answer is no, what lets your house down and how can you improve it?