Insurance reinstatement

Accurate reinstatement valuations that reveal if you are under or over-insured.

Worried your insurance pay-out in the event of total loss won’t cover the rising costs of materials or labour? We’ll help ease your fears. 

The importance of keeping your policy up to date can’t be understated. In fact, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recommends that a reinstatement cost assessment is carried out every 3-5 years by a qualified and experienced surveyor – or sooner if your property has been extended or altered.

As an RICS-regulated practice, we’ve carried out hundreds of insurance valuations for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. This is where our detailed knowledge of construction costings really kicks in. We’ll make sure all special features are included, such as ancillary buildings, retaining walls, pools, and hard surfaces. And we’ll gather all relevant information such as receipts for costs of specific bespoke items. 

What you can expect from our insurance reinstatement service

  • Repair and rebuild estimates
  • Adherence to RICS Cost Assessment of Buildings (February 2018) guidelines
  • Collection of useful information on the property
  • Detailed inspection of property and environs
  • Consideration of site restrictions during demolition and reconstruction
  • Consideration of working restrictions, temporary works, road user licences, special features, heritage etc
  • Consideration of the affects of deleterious materials on costs
  • Understanding what fees such as design and statutory might apply
  • Preparation of clear reinstatement report with summary of base sum insured
  • Provision in report of elemental breakdown
  • Comment on the reinstatement period, including design and construction

Recent insurance reinstatement consulting

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