Expert Witness and Forensic Quantity Surveying

Prendos provides a specialist service to assist in dispute resolution between parties to a contract who are in disagreement, usually over building costs, timing or accuracy of work.

Forensic quantity surveying involves the detailed analysis of contested factors as they relate to specific contractual agreements.

The tracking, detailing and analysis by a qualified, experienced and independent third-party person of the issues underlying contractual disagreements is an essential part of achieving a resolution between the parties to the contract.

Our specialist forensic quantity surveying team have a combined wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of technical construction knowledge, contract administration and construction contract law and we are recognised quantity surveying experts in this field.

We often prepare and present independent expert evidence for clients who anticipate legal action (either as a plaintiff or as a defendant) in the District Court, High Court and Weathertight Homes Tribunal. Find out more about our expert witness panel.

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Quantity Surveying Team - Won, Jacques and Asela

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