Education Architecture

A key participant for many years in the Ministry of Education’s Building Improvements Programme, the Prendos design team has extensive experience in the specialist area of new design and remediation design for educational facilities. We have provided the design for over 400 education projects nationwide.

Our education design teams are specialists in creating and repurposing bespoke Modern Learning Environments (MLE) which are durable, functional and low-maintenance. Prime consideration is given to sustainability and whole-of-life-cost, and maintenance-planning schedules are provided.

We have extensive experience in working in environments where Health and Safety is a critical factor and where construction must necessarily allow for the safe access and use of the school by students and staff.

Prendos played a leading role in developing and preparing the Ministry’s on-line publication Weathertightness requirements for schools, a guide for use by principals, boards, project managers, designers, contractors and other parties involved in the construction and renovation of school buildings. The guide helps to identify the most common causes of weathertightness failure and eliminate premature failure due to weathertightness issues. We also undertake a design peer review service for the Ministry.

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