Body Corporate Architecture

The Prendos Architecture team are specialists in the design for remediation multi-unit complexes, from small low-rise developments to high-rise apartment blocks. Through understanding the challenges faced by those who own, occupy or manage multi-unit properties the architecture design team has helped restore integrity and increase value to hundreds of multi-unit dwellings and apartments requiring remediation.

The team works closely with property owners and body corporate committees to understand the precise needs and constraints of individual projects. For example, minimal disruption is often considered a prime project requirement when occupants remain in the building while remediation work is being carried out.

As well as meeting relevant building code requirements, and incorporating clients preferences, the team is skilled in creating innovative design concept proposals to enhance a buildings aesthetic.

The team understands the science of building and treats each building design as unique. In the case of mid- to high-rise apartments the team has expertise in specialist fa├žade system design to suit site-specific constraints. These might include existing building tolerances, structural movement/deflection, wind pressures, seismic requirements and on-going maintenance requirements.

Body Corporate clients can also elect to gain greater efficiencies, value and accountability by integrating the overall design process with other Prendos consultancy services, such as structural engineering, fire engineering, quantity surveying, building surveying and project management.

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