Bank finance reporting

Due diligence on the likely cost of your development, backed by constant monitoring.

Relying on funding for your next development? We’ll act as your bank’s eyes and ears, and in the process, reassure them that the requirements of their lending are met. 

We’ll ensure condition precedents and risks are analysed and reported on in the initial funding report. Then during the initial reporting stage, we’ll review the adequacy of technical documentation supplied and identify any areas of concern. If required, we’ll also recommend further technical reviews such as façade and passive fire peer reviews. Doing this early in a project reduces delays and costs in the construction phase.

Bank finance reporting always considers any wider issues associated with a development. As professional quantity surveyors, we paint a complete picture for you. So, you can count on us to advise you of any associated risks, and, assess the consequences of variations during the draw down phase.

What you can expect from our bank finance reporting service

  • Early due diligence to ensure finance conditions are met
  • Gather project information required to analyse project risks
  • Identify red flags before works start
  • Review initial feasibility budgets
  • Request further technical due diligence as required
  • Review all contracts, development agreements, sun set clauses etc
  • Use project experience to report on gaps not allowed for
  • Comment on programme and procurement approach
  • Early warning when things go off track
  • Assistance with cash flow and final account reporting

Recent bank finance reporting

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