The Weathertight Homes Resolution Service Financial Assistance Package

December 17, 2013

The Weathertight Homes Resolution Service (“WHRS”) is now offering a financial assistance package (“FAP”) to eligible leaky home-owners. The package will see the Government contribute 25% towards the cost of repairing an eligible leaky home with the possibility of an additional 25% contribution by the relevant council. Other parties can opt to join in.

The council’s contribution is dependent on their involvement in the consent process, and also assumes they have opted into the scheme. The remainder of the repair costs will be funded by the homeowner and action can be taken against other parties who have not joined in, for example the designer, builder and other subtrades, through usual legal processes.

Eligibility is determined using the same criteria currently in use by the WHRS. A claim must be brought by the owner of the house, the house must principally be used for residential purposes, the house must have been built or altered within the 10 years immediately preceding the date of lodging the claim, it must have been leaking, and there must be damage as a result of the leaks.

Participation in the scheme is optional and even if you are found to be eligible and opt into the scheme, there is the opportunity to opt out again once a full assessment of your position has been made and you have a better idea of the repairs required, your qualification for FAP contributions, and your ability to fund your portion of the repairs. If you are considering making use of the financial assistance package we would recommend registering a claim with the WHRS as soon as possible.

There are other dispute resolution processes available to owners of leaky homes which should still be considered. It is important to properly investigate the options available to you, and we would advise obtaining legal advice as much will depend on the individual facts of your case.

For further information about the financial assistance package visit the Department of Building and Housing’s website at or or call Weathertight Services on 0800 324 477.

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