“The more challenging aspect was coordinating and undertaking significant reconstruction works around a functioning surgical hospital… We were delighted when the work was completed on time, within budget, and to a high standard. We have had no problems since… We attribute this to the effort, expertise and cooperation that Prendos brought with them to this project.” Read More

G Beaman, Private Hospital


“Many thanks for your detailed report in duplicate! which was well received yesterday. I would like to thank and commend you and all the people involved with this project as I have found Prendos to be exceedingly detailed and very professional in their approach which is much appreciated.”

A Muckersie, Commercial Purchase


“I now have the confidence that the buildings are sound, safe and the level of finish is so good that only minor works like carpets and a bit of painting can be met at their next maintenance round.  To think they have been pulled completely to bits and put back together in a far better design one would never know.  I doubt anyone else could have done this work in the same way.” Read More

I Leckie, Principal


“Hi, thanks.  Just spoke to Col who has two words to describe how the house is looking.  The first word I can’t put in an email but the second is amazing.  Thanks for being a part of that, you guys have done a brilliant job of managing the project!  You’ve changed our thinking on the value of project management.”

J Monaghan, Residential Remedial


“I am writing to acknowledge the effort you and your team have made and the support you have given to us over the lengthy time of this complex and demanding project…  overall things went incredibly smoothly, and your expertise withstanding, Garrett and Andy have both done great work.”  Read More

P Pointon, Principal