Tania Morgun

Chartered Fire Engineer
MEngSt (Fire) BE (Hons) MIPENZ CPEng MSFPE

Tania, our lead Fire Engineer, is a highly experienced CPEng fire engineer with more than 25 years’ experience resulting in an extensive knowledge of the fire engineering and the consenting requirements in New Zealand.

Tania’s professional career started after completing a Bachelor of Engineering in Building Services with Honors and holding a role as a building services engineer in the Ukraine. She moved to New Zealand in 1995.

Tania also holds a Master’s Degree in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury. As part of her research in the University of Canterbury, Tania became an expert in Evacuation Modeling and Human Behavior in Fire. Tania specializes in performance based design of buildings with challenging geometries, occupancy and usage where basic egress calculations may not be adequate.

During her career Tania has worked with major construction companies, architects, engineers, project managers, services consultants, and insurance underwriters, carrying out fire engineering design for wide variety of complex buildings. Tania has accumulated a portfolio of expertise across a diverse range of commercial developments, retail, assembly buildings, educational, healthcare, heritage, industrial, and multi-levels residential, using both Acceptable Solutions and specifically engineered designs.

When developing fire safety designs for new and existing buildings, Tania’s aspirations are to go beyond just meeting the Building Codes requirements. She explores options of value engineering and provides advice using advanced technology to assist clients in achieving their cost saving goals.

Tania gained a regulatory background and in-depth knowledge of the NZ Building Code and the NZ Building Act working for ten years in the Auckland Council in the capacity of Technical Building Advisor. Tania has carried out many building code peer reviews of fire safety designs by other consultants for territorial authorities around New Zealand.

Her background in engineering and regulatory sectors provides a unique balance between technical expertise and knowledge of regulatory requirements, offering clients the benefit of streamlined building consent processing.


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