Freddy Kruger - Asbestos Surveyor Auckland

Freddy Kruger

Asbestos Team Leader
BOHS IP402, WorkSafe NZ

With numerous projects under his belt, Freddy’s ability to deliver effective outcomes on high pressure jobs in a timely manner is second to none and comes with a proven track record. Freddy’s extensive knowledge of the legislation surrounding asbestos and quick thinking, enabled him to provide FirstGas with Asbestos management surveys for all 65 of their sites in New Zealand within a period of 6 months, allowing them to comply with the new Asbestos Act.

Freddy’s role in the company is not limited to only asbestos surveying and assessing as an independent third party consultant, his role as Asbestos Team Leader also involves educating his fellow employees around the awareness and knowledge of asbestos identification, especially where these materials are found in buildings where Prendos employees are working and are on projects unrelated to asbestos.

Through Freddy’s time working with asbestos, he has educated himself around asbestos containing materials and has learnt that not all asbestos containing materials are equally dangerous and in fact some may be left undisturbed. His ability to be able to determine the difference with these asbestos containing materials makes him of high value to clients as he can often use this identification of materials to save clients a lot of time and money.

Qualifications & Memberships:
2017 – Asbestos Assessor (WorkSafe NZ)
2016 – Asbestos Surveyor (BOHS IP402)

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