Prendos Leaky Home Guide

Prendos has revised its Leaky Home Guide, as part of its valuable Leaky Building Resource, to bring it up to date with legislation changes over the past decade. On average just over a thousand people view the Leaky Home Guide per month to get a better understanding of the options and processes they are likely to encounter in coming to terms and dealing with a leaky home.

The new guide includes a realistic assessment of the pro’s and con’s of the governments Financial Assistance Package (FAP), and also outlines the options leaky building owners are faced with today, based on our recent experience. Prendos Director Philip O’Sullivan states “we understand the challenges that owners of leaky homes face and provide support with professional, straightforward and accurate advice”.

The Prendos team has more than 20 years experience in providing building surveying and design services on leaky buildings, and offer owners comprehensive and efficient solutions, from initial diagnosis through to project completion, and assistance with legal claims. To find out more, fill in the form below or download our Leaky Building Resource Guide.

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