Respond – Architects, a division of Prendos NZ Ltd, is a team of 15 architects based in Auckland who offer both creative design and technical expertise. Their depth of experience, multi-disciplinary approach, and tight partnerships with experts in engineering and surveying create original and sensitive design solutions for all levels of enquiry. Respond focuses on three core areas of architecture and design: Commercial, Education and Residential, and has a strong reputation in remediation work of defective buildings across the country.

Please visit WWW.RESPONDARCHITECTS.CO.NZ for more information.

Specialist Services


Our team has a broad base of experience in commercial projects including multi-unit residential, industrial, retail and office buildings. We know how to create beautiful buildings that are cost-effective and fit for purpose. The size of our firm means that we handle large projects skilfully, while maintaining close ties with our clients – we pride ourselves on our service.


Our team thrives on designing buildings for public use – be it education, healthcare, government projects or local community projects. We’ve worked on over 150 education projects nationwide, and we always look at ways to add that extra bit of design intelligence to contribute positively to the environment and people impacted by the project.


We’ll guide you right through the architectural process of building or renovating your ideal living space, engaging our creative expertise to expand on your existing vision and use our technical skills in 3D modelling to convey the concepts to you along the way. Our industry partnerships – with everyone from surveyors to landscape architects to lighting specialists – help to simplify the process should you choose to incorporate them.


We’ll Help You Visualise Your Project

We are huge fans of 3D digital modelling using Archicad, specially in client/architect workshop sessions where we play around with the model together, investigating different options and walking the client through the 3D environment. That said – sometimes you can’t go past a simple pen sketch to get across a design concept – it is amazing how a few lines on a page can be so suggestive, and drawing by hand is still the quickest way to get ideas out of an architect’s head and onto paper.




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