Nautilus Remediation Project

The Nautilus Apartments

About the Project

Work is underway to repair the Nautilus apartment building in Ōrewa, which is affected by weather-tightness issues.

Prendos has designed and is managing the project. The repair work - which is expected to take two years -  is being carried out by Legacy Construction.

Use of the Ōrewa Library carpark

The Nautilus body corporate has been granted landowner consent to hire part of the library carpark for the duration of the project, which is expected to be two years.

Attached is a map of the Ōrewa Library carpark that shows which parts of the carpark are being used by Legacy Construction and which carparks are for public use.

The fee paid by the Nautilus owners to hire the carpark will go directly to a fund allocated for improvements to the Ōrewa Library.

Business as usual for Ōrewa Library

Ōrewa Library's opening hours are unchanged - the library will remain open for the duration of the project as per usual opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 9:30am - 3:30pm

Business as usual for Ōrewa Retailers

The thriving retail hub that is Orewa's retail centre will continue to provide a diverse range of services and products to locals and visitors for the duration of the Nautilus repair project. We predict the food outlets will be busy catering to hungry contractors. 

Important Dates

Establishing the Site Office

The entire Ōrewa Library carpark will be temporarily closed to the public the weekend of Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November 2016 to safely allow the set-up of the construction site compound.

Settting up the site compound will involve heavy vehicle delivery of specialist site equipment such as a special hoist 'Mast Climber' that will lift materials to the podium level of the Nautilus.

Alternative Parking

Public carparks - including accessible parking - can be found on the streets surrounding the Ōrewa Library, including Moana Ave and Keith Morris Lane.

Shared use of the Ōrewa Library Carpark

From Monday 14 November part of the Ōrewa Library carpark will be used by Legacy Construction for the duration of the repair project.

Library customers will still have the use of ten car parks, plus three carparks for people with disabilities. Two additional carparks will be available for public use, except between the hours of 6am-9am when they will be used by the construction company.

Larger c​onstruction vehicles (up to 8m) have access to the carpark between 6am-9am Monday to Saturday. There will be no deliveries (relating to the Nautilus repair) to the library carpark between the hours of 10am - 2pm.

Between 9am - 10am and after 2pm, deliveries to the site compound will start again, but are limited to smaller vehicles and vans. All deliveries to the construction site will be walked in to and from the library carpark.

Click here to see a schedule of when the carpark will be used by the building contractors.

The attached map shows which carparks will be used by Legacy Construction - and which are available for public use.

About the Repair Project

The building will be repaired in four vertical stages, starting from the tail of the building. In the first stage, scaffolding will be erected at either side of the tail end of the building. Once this section has been repaired, workers will move the scaffolding on to the next section to be repaired.

Nautilus apartment residents may never come into contact with the contract workers as the repair work will be carried out from the external faces of the building.

While part of the podium on level 4 will be used by the construction company, the swimming pool will remain full for the duration of the project. Ensuring fire fighters have access to water in case of a fire emergency is part of the fire safety requirements for the building.

Special hoists imported from Germany will provide access from the library carpark. German engineers are heading over to train the workers before work starts.

Prendos is working closely with Auckland Council, the Nautilus and Legacy Construction to minimise any impact on the Ōrewa community.

About Legacy Construction

Specialists in providing building services to the commercial, retail and education sectors, Legacy Construction maintains its competitive edge in the construction industry by working consistently to craftsman standards in all trades, and providing cost-effective quality solutions completed on time and to budget.

For more information on Legacy Construction Click here.

This Week at the Nautilus

By Philip O’Sullivan - Prendos

Scaffold to west quarter complete on northern side and underway on southern side

Scaffolding on the Nautilus Apartments

Santa keeping a weather eye on Orewa

Santa in Orewa

Past weeks


Q: When will the repair project start?
A: November 2016

Q: When will the repair project finish?
A: Two years from the start of the project.

Q: What is wrong with the Nautilus?
A: The Nautilus is affected by weather-tightness issues - i.e. it is a currently leaky building.

Q: Why are you using the Ōrewa Library carpark?
A: The construction company is using part of the Ōrewa Library carpark for access. It will be also set up as the construction site compound.

Q: How long will you be using the Ōrewa Library carpark?
A: For the duration of the remediation project - two years.

Q: Is it still safe to use the other part of the Ōrewa Library carpark?
A: Construction personnel (spotters) will assist delivery drivers and "walk" trucks in and out of the site. Access hours are controlled as safety is paramount.

Q: Is the Ōrewa Library still open?
A: Yes it is business as usual for the Ōrewa Library with no change to opening hours:

Monday - Friday      9:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday  9:30am - 3:30pm

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If you have any feedback on the remediation of the Nautilus apartment building, or the use of the Ōrewa Library Carpark, please contact us and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within two working days.

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