Meet Our New GM

June 23, 2017

We are excited to announce the appointment of General Manager, Fiona Gavriel, who has been brought on board to further drive the business and further strengthen Prendos’ diverse service offering and reputation in the market.

What is your key role at Prendos?
The role of General Manager is a new one so no doubt it will grow over time but essentially I am here to manage the
infrastructure of the business, releasing the subject experts to do what they are best at – being engineers, architects,
surveyors etc. I will be the main point of contact for the staff and will manage a range of functions including IT, Finance,  Marketing/business development, HR and Business Improvement.

Why were you brought on board?
The Directors recognised the need to bring on someone who can focus on the business and ensure all the systems and processes are running effectively, as well as staff being supported in their roles to deliver. This means staff will have a defined person to come to with any issues, and I can then escalate them if necessary to the Managing Director and/or Board.

I have managed a variety of not-for-profits for some years but was looking for an opportunity to join a commercially focussed leading-edge organisation. As a new role I was attracted by the opportunity to make it my own so to speak and it’s exciting to be able to work with a friendly and inclusive team. I have appreciated the warm welcome I have received and am encouraged by the team’s willingness to be flexible and see the opportunity for change as a positive.

Can you identify any changes over the last five years in the building and construction industry?
I came from the construction sector as former CEO of Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers. The sector went through some difficult times during the GFC and its great to now see the upturn in the market and the demand for new construction and rebuilds etc. There are some obvious challenges around getting qualified and well trained staff, as well as learning from issues such as defective buildings. Being in such a competitive market obviously pushes costs up and it is essential quality is not compromised at the expense of the bottom line. Prendos has strength in the marketplace and it is good to see it has a reputation for high quality work.

What do you think sets Prendos apart from others in the same industry?
Prendos has a name for quality in the market place. I’m impressed by initiatives such as the setting up of Respond-Architects. I believe Prendos has a name for doing what is right and also being client focussed. We offer a wide range of services which provide the client with the complete package. When I saw this role come available everyone I asked about Prendos was very positive.

What do you hope to achieve in your time here?
I hope to be able to work with the staff and Directors to help the ship go faster. As a new role it is always challenging to ensure you are seen as adding value rather than interfering! But the staff have so far shown a real willingness to work with me and be open about where we can change processes etc. I also want to be able to release the Directors to concentrate on their speciality areas and to not have to focus on the day to day issues of the business. I’m also very keen on business development – once I know the business better – and spreading the word about what Prendos can offer.

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