Building surveyors

We're one of New Zealand’s largest building surveying companies.

We can work with you at any stage of the property lifecycle to realise optimum value from your holdings, or, ensure buildings are fit for purpose.

Commercially astute advice

It’s not just our technical skills that set us apart – it’s our pragmatism and appreciation of commercial realities too.

See us for expert, strategic asset management advice that highlights potential issues and opportunities, optimises performance and sustainability, and manages risk in the most cost-effective way possible.       

We can help you determine the feasibility of a new project or refurbishment, assess the condition of a property prior to purchase, analyse the cost of alterations or maintenance programmes, clarify lease exit strategies at the end of tenancy agreements, and so much more.

Long-term performance of buildings

Our goal is to find you cost effective, practical solutions that stand the test of time and deliver the best possible outcome. Whatever project you give us - from supervising large remediation projects to identifying and forensically analysing building defects – we’ll do our best to get you the best result.

Investigate, advise, act

First, we investigate. As surveyors we’re trained to consider all possibilities before embarking on building investigation and surveying work, and can help by diagnosing a buildings condition, its defects and any resultant damage.

Next, we advise. The evidence we uncover during diagnostic investigations is used to provide you with advice and recommendations on appropriate remedial action.

Then we act. We can design and manage each remediation project from start to finish, providing continuous communication with you, contractors and the council, and, saving you time, effort and money by utilising our many in-house resources. (Architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers.)

Our building surveying services

Building defects

Development monitoring

Access audits

Dispute resolution

Health & safety

Environmental consulting

ESG reporting

Drone surveys & geo-mapping 

Planned maintenance

Premises condition reports

Technical due diligence

Building compliance certificates


Façade peer reviews

Passive fire

We work across sectors











Building surveyors in action

Talk to our lead
building surveyors

Upper North Island
Sean Marshall
021 955 956

Sean Marshall - Chartered Building Surveyor Auckland

Central North Island
Dirk Stahlhut
021 269 5114

Dr Dirk Stahlhut - Director, Central and Lower North Island Manager + Project Manager

South Island
Rory Crosbie
021 633 919

Rory Crosbie - Chartered Building Surveyor and Director

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