Choosing the Right Cladding

Choosing the right cladding system


  • Essential for remedial work to ensure wall framing kept dry
  • Better performance through pressure equalisation
  • Enhanced drainage and drying – we top vent as this improves drying and reliability
  • Separates potential damp cladding from dry framing
  • Reduces framing and cladding moisture-related movement

The key to success of any cladding system is the correct utilisation of cavities.


  • Perform as effective rainscreen (in combination with cavity)
  • Must be durable – decay, corrosion and UV damage resistant
  • Needs to look good and suit building
  • Choose cladding to avoid stigma with remediation
  • Impact resistance – education
  • Fire resistance –  detached dwellings mostly excluded

Typical claddings

  • Timber weatherboards – cedar or H3.2 clear Radiata pine
  • Fibre cement weatherboard – typically  Linea or Hardiflex
  • PVC or aluminium weatherboard

Plywood – H3.2 Radiata pine

Fibre cement panels – typically Titan or Exotec

Fibre cement monolithic – typically Monotek

EIFS (external insulation finishsystem) typically Rockcote EPS Cavity

Plastered and painted brick veneer

Stucco plaster

Long-run metal – aluminium, zinc-aluminium coat steel (bare or pre-painted)

Copper or zinc sheathing

Aluminium composite panels (with non-flammable core)

Masonry (brick and stone) veneer

Masonry and stone slips over fibre cement backing


A number of claddings have been approved as code-compliant under the Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 –masonry veneer, stucco, timber & fibre cement weatherboards, plywood and fibre cement sheet, and EIFS.

Others claddings rely on specific design,  BRANZ Appraisals or supplier/manufacturer technical recommendations and warranties.  It is up to the Building Consent Authority whether to accept these claddings.

A word of warning – we find there can be limited technical knowledge and support from some suppliers; and their warranties may just be marketing tools.

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