Community Hall & Retirement Home Condition Assessments

May 27, 2021
Western Bay of Plenty Council - Community Hall & Retirement Home Condition Assessments (4)

In August and September 2020, Prendos completed Building Condition Surveys and provided 10-year Long Term Maintenance Plans for 18 large community halls and 70 pensioner flats for the Western Bay of Plenty District Council.

Client Name: Western Bay of Plenty District Council
Location: Bay of Plenty
Date: August & September 2020
Sector: Condition Surveys
Services: Condition Surveys & 10-year Long Term Maintenance Plans
Prendos Contact: Dirk Stahlhut, Director –

The Job

The halls had not been surveyed since 2009 and limited information was available for the pensioner flats. The Council wanted to establish their condition in order to plan maintenance and repair works – and put aside funding for these works – for the coming decade.

Our Solution

The surveys of the halls and related facilities were undertaken by two of our senior building surveyors, supported by our graduate surveyors on site. The project involved a great deal of co-ordination with the various hall committees in order to obtain access to the buildings without disrupting the activities that take place there each day, and to avoid delay to the programme.

Careful liaison was also required with the elderly residents of the pensioner flats in to obtain access at mutually convenient times, while causing minimal disruption to occupants and treating them with the utmost respect and courtesy. We also ensured all works complied with the Council’s strict Health & Safety requirements and adhered to COVID-19 protocols.

Due to the height and size of the community halls, we used our in-house drone to survey the condition of inaccessible roofs – which was both more time efficient and allowed us to take close-up high-quality photos of all roof areas. We have since introduced a GoPro Camera mounted on a telescopic extension pole to survey rooftops, reducing the Health & Safety risk of ladders and increasing productivity.

Our registered Quantity Surveyor provided budget costs for the 10-year Long Term Maintenance Plan, based on the Building Condition Reports and a review of the elements identified as requiring maintenance and repairs. Rates based on current market conditions and cost data were then allocated to each element and set out in the Long Term Maintenance Plan budget against the anticipated year proposed for the works.

The Outcome

Through successful pre-planning and co-ordination with all stakeholders, Prendos gained unrestricted access to the buildings and completed the condition surveys in a short timeframe.

We provided Building Condition Reports and 10-year Long Term Maintenance Plans for each hall and the 70 pensioner flats, including an anticipated budget cost against the elements identified as requiring maintenance or repair works. This armed the Council with all information required for financial planning purposes, and was delivered on time, within budget and to a high standard that exceeded their expectations.