Body Corporate Quantity Surveying

Prendos quantity surveying team has a wealth of local and international experience in providing a specialist service to assist body corporate property owners, managers and facilities managers.

Our quantity surveying team has significant experience in all phases of planning, construction and post-construction of body corporate-controlled maintenance, remediation and seismic upgrade projects. For example, we have found unit title apportionment can be an issue within the body corporate members, consequently we have developed systems to accurately analyse the overall construction costs to accommodate this issue. Our services include:

Cost Advice

  • Reinstatement estimates for insurance purposes
  • Estimation of cost for earthquake repair insurance claims
  • Initial budgets for proposed development
  • Comparative cost advice e.g. material alternatives
  • Cost planning and control e.g. forecasting cost milestones
  • Tender documentation
  • Contract administration
  • Project monitoring e.g. keeping a watchful eye of the finances
  • Procurement advice
  • Project management
  • Cost to complete analysis
  • Final account settlement
  • Unit title cost apportionment
  • Estimation of costs for earthquake strengthening
  • End of lease reinstatement costs
  • Redevelopment costing
  • Renovation costing

Planning and Funding

  • Value engineering
  • Concept build pricing
  • Tender bid analysis
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Progress draw down reporting
  • Whole of life costing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence auditing
  • Schedules / Bill of quantities
  • Investment appraisals


  • Expert analysis and the provision of evidence for all above services

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