Architect vs Draftsman: Why You Should Use an Architect

Published on Jun 30, 2016
Natasha Cockerell , Director and Registered Architect

The term and profession of ‘Registered Architect’, is protected under New Zealand Law. Registered Architects receive 5 years intensive training, they must have a minimum 5 years work experience and complete a rigorous registration exam. Architects are also taught how to design spaces, not only drafting or documenting.


Creating the Brief

When creating a brief, Architects would deal with preconceptions, find out what clients really need, the purpose of the building being designed and determine any site constraints. Architects also provide information on regulatory requirements affecting the build.


Concept Design

Architects deliver a series of spaces that utilise light, views, privacy and strong visual concept design for the outside of the building. Every design is unique to each individual client.

It is best that Architects are involved throughout construction process from design concept through to practical completion to ensure that all of the original purposes behind each part of the concept design are followed through.

Using only a draftsman at this point to save money is often false economy because while you would still end up with a functional and weathertight building, you likely won’t end up with a a completed ‘whole’ that fully represents all the concepts and purposes you set out to achieve during the creation of the brief.


Multidisciplinary Involvement

Architects also manage and coordinate and work closely with other design disciplines like Structural and Fire Engineers. They work as coordinated whole which leads to ‘value add’ throughout the team.

Architects are also trained in project management and can procure builders, prepare and administer contracts, manage budgets, sign off contractors’ claims and the final sign off on completion of the building.

Our Architects offer a broad Spectrum of design work including landscaping and can design a large variety of buildings with no limitations on size. Prendos has in-house experience with extensions through to multi-storey buildings.


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